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The Four Main Steps to the Probate Process

Jun 29, 2017 4:25:10 PM / by Rich Rubino


Probate is a legal proceeding conducted by a state court that oversees and manages the distribution of your property and estate after you die. Probate rules vary from state to state, but the main purpose of probate is to clear title ownership on your property so that it can pass from you to your beneficiaries as dictated by your will or by the laws of intestacy, if you don’t have a will. The probate process ends in a decree from the court that provides evidence that title has transferred and ensures that the property goes to those family members and loved ones you want to receive it.

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No Blood, No Money Trusts

Jan 6, 2017 8:56:23 AM / by Rich Rubino

Many of our clients want to make sure that their assets stay in the family after they pass away.

In order to eliminate any potential risk to your wishes, we use trusts.

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