The Art of Procrastination

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I have a confession to make.  I’m a procrastinator.  I routinely delay doing things I know I should do, often until the last minute, and then rush to get them completed.  Sound familiar?

If all we’re procrastinating are everyday tasks like going to the grocery store or mowing our lawn, then it’s probably not a big deal.  But what about when we ignore important actions like setting that doctor’s appointment or getting our financial affairs in order?  The stakes are a lot higher.  It’s on that second point, getting our financial affairs in order, where I want to spend a few minutes.

At the workshops I host every month, I make a few comments at the end about procrastination, which many of the attendees, who are now clients, have told me was helpful.

“Something brought you here today to our workshop.  You are concerned or worried about something.  You are uncertain about something.  You have an important question you feel isn't being answered.  You have a challenge you aren't sure how to handle.”

Every time I say this, I see the heads in the room nodding yes.  Those concerns, questions, fears, or challenges aren't going to go away by themselves.  Maybe they keep you up at night.  Maybe they cause you stress.  Maybe you've been worrying about them for years.

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