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An informational & educational website that explores a wide range of topics aimed at helping people to and through their retirement.

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Father of the 401(k) to son: What a mess I made of you!

The fathers of the 401(k) plan as we know it today never intended it to replace the traditional...

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No Blood, No Money Trusts

Many of our clients want to make sure that their assets stay in the family after they pass away.


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I Love My Four Kids, But…

I have 4 kids. Two are in college and 2 are still in high school. As we were all sitting at the...

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Hillary, Donald and The State of American Health

Health, or the lack of it, seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Is Hillary sick? Is Donald...

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The Rio Olympics, Gold Medals and Your Retirement

Imagine you just won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics that no one expected you to win. You’re a...

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Happy Interconnectedness Day

July 4th is coming up fast. Independence Day…the day we declared we’d be bound no more to the...

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The Market or the Mattress?

Over the last 12 months or so, the market appears to be down. In fact, when I logged into my own...

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RMD’s – Required Maximum Destruction!

I know…RMD’s don’t actually stand for that. They stand for Required Minimum Distributions. Anyone...

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What’s Your Resolution This Year?

What do the New Year’s Eve Ball and the stock market have in common? They both started the year...

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Made in Japan

I was born in Hong Kong. I didn’t grow up playing baseball or riding bikes because in Hong Kong,...

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Do You Suffer From Financial Whiplash!

Do you ever feel like you get whiplash when you watch the stock market? Me, too.

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3 Unique Financial Challenges Women Face

I grew up in a family with four older sisters, so I’ve known since I was a small child women run...

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Another Kind of Independence Day

July 4th is a big day in our country’s history: Independence Day. It’s the day we told the Brits we...

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The Guessing Game

Guessing games can be fun. There’s a reason Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have lasted as long as...

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The Danger of Averages

Math is a funny thing, especially when it comes to averages.  Let me show you what I mean.

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