After the Paycheck

Exploring a wide range of topics aimed at helping people to and through their retirement.

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Exploring a wide range of topics aimed at helping people to and through their retirement.

Will You Receive A Step-Up In Basis For An Inherited Property?

In most cases, there is a step-up in basis when property is transferred from a decedent.

But, there ARE a few exceptions and some...

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Are You Subject To Behavioral Bias Regarding An Asset You Own?

Many of the motivations to sell an asset are rooted in some kind of behavioral bias.

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Will You Have To Pay Tax On The Sale Of Your Investment? (Flow Chart)

Determining the tax impact of selling an investment can be complicated.

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Should You Consider A Roth Conversion? (Flow Chart)

Avoid paying unnecessary taxes in your retirement accounts.

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Monthly Budget Worksheet

Sitting down with a professional and following this simple budget plan could be the most important thing you do all year.

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Family Organizer Kit

In today’s world, our lives are constantly evolving from one phase to the next — a new job, buying a house, getting married,...

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Will You Face an Income Gap in Retirement?

Not all retirement expenses are created equally. As you prepare for retirement, it is important to understand there are generally...

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