12 Questions From Our Listeners (and Our Answers!)

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This week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio was dedicated toward answering questions that listeners submitted online. Listen to the podcast to hear Sam discuss questions such as:

1 - What Are The Pros/Cons of Starting Social Security Withdrawals Before Full Retirement Age?
(2:12 mark)

2 - I am about to turn 66. Would like to retire, but my wife is 59 and diabetic. If I retire, I gain Medicare, but she has to go on some sort of medical insurance. We need to look at medical coverage, and I'm not sure where to begin. What are my options?
(5:55 mark)

3 - I am retiring this year and planned on withdrawing my 401k money based on "the 4% rule", I recently read that it is safer to withdraw 3%. How do I know how to safely withdraw money?
(8:30 mark)

4 - What is the best way to protect my assets if I have to go in to a nursing home?*
(12:10 mark)

5 - I have an old will from when I first got married, do I need to update it if nothing has changed?*
(17:20 mark)

6 - Can you explain the difference between an index mutual fund and a fixed indexed annuity?*
(20:00 mark)

* = (something we go in depth about at our upcoming event!)

7 - I turn 70 this year and have an IRA, is it possible to avoid taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) because I don't need the money right now?
(22:45 mark)

8 - I would like to retire in the next three years, and want to get the most out of my retirement nest egg. I will need additional income, but also want to leave something to my kids. I'm so afraid of another 2008!
(26:40 mark)

9 - I'm turning 70 this month, I'm working and plan on continuing to work. I have a 401k at work, but also have an old 401k and an IRA rollover from a previous job. How can I calculate my RMDs?
(31:30 mark)

10 - Should I invest in term life insurance or whole life insurance?
(34:40 mark)

11 - What's better, a 401(k) or a Roth IRA?
(38:00 mark)

12 - What questions should I ask when I meet with a retirement specialist?
(41:00 mark)

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