Questions From Our Listeners! (June edition)

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This week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio was focused on something we are going to dedicate the first weekend of every month to doing:  answering questions that listeners submitted online!

Before Sam and Mike visited listeners' questions, they covered a new bill that recently pass the Hosue of Representatives: The SECURE Act.

Listen to the podcast to hear Sam discuss questions such as:

I’ve heard people talk about the “buckets of money” approach. Have you heard of it?
(21:30 mark)

My only son lives with his family in Sacramento. I want to make sure I can stay in my house as long as I’m alive and not be a burden to anyone. I looked into LTC insurance but its very expensive. Do you have any suggestions?
(26:15 mark)

I turn 70 ½ this year, I’m confused on how to take my RMD’s, can you explain my options?
(35:30 mark)

I’m doing my research on the best way to prepare for retirement. I’ve been to 2 different firms and one into annuities and one is telling me to stay away. Can you comment?
(38:00 mark)

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