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JDLTM: Are You In Your Second Financial Awakening?

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The Just Don't Lose The Radio Show discussion from January 17th, 2021:

Are You In Your Second "Financial Awakening?"

A new survey finds the average American experiences a “financial awakening” around the age of 33. Does that mean people might experience a second financial awakening, where people start to really appreciate the complexities of planning for retirement?

What do those signs look like (hint: think major life events), and what are some actions you should take as you go through those experiences?


Are Robo-Advisors The Way Of The Future?

Only 3% of baby boomers say they’d be willing to put their finances in the hands of a machine, but does that mean you should avoid technology altogether in your retirement planning process?

What are the pros & cons of using algorithms & automation to determine how your portfolio is balanced, and in what situations would a personal relationship outweigh computed scenarios?


Why is Warren Buffett Still Working?!?

The Oracle of Omaha is now in his nineties and still going to work, but it definitely isn't because he HAS to. So why is he still working today?  In his words:

"I am doing what I love to do and am doing it with the people I love"

Now, you might think that's easy to say what you're that rich, but what Warren is rich in is CONFIDENCE. He knows that. So, does your retirement plan give you that type of confidence?


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