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JDLTM: What To Consider For Your Retirement in 2021




In this episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio, Randy and Ryan discuss:
- What did people do with their money during the pandemic?
- Should the Dow's new record highs have you reconsider where your money is?
- Why business owners need to be aware of how they file taxes this year (especially PPP recipients)
- Why you should keep your estate plan (will) up-to-date
- At what age should you consider meeting with a financial advisor?
- How are your retirement funds allocated, and is that right for your situation?
- Is it all about “the number” in your retirement account, or are there other things that could give you confidence to retire?
- What you need to know about Required Minimum Distributions in 2021
- Why Social Security income in retirement may not be enough to keep up with rising inflation (especially in New England)
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