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Tax Traps That Can Eat In To Your Retirement Income

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The forgotten cost in almost every retiree's retirement withdrawal plan... Uncle Sam's (the government).

A lot of retirees will face some sort of “tax trap.” What are they and is there any way to avoid them?

Sam Liang discusses how tax planing for the future can have a beneficial impact on your retirement on this episode of the Just Don't Lose the Money podcast!



Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Tax Filing vs. Tax PLANNING
  • At What Point Does Social Security Become Taxable
  • How Taxes Can Effect Your Medicare Premiums
  • Why Future Tax Rates May Want You To Consider Your Current Distribution/Withdrawal Process
  • What are some steps you can do BEFORE retirement to lower your taxable income in retirement? 

  • If you're already retired, is there anything you can do to lower your taxable income, or has the "train left the station"?

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