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JDLTM - What Is The Color Of (Your) Money?

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Each week host Randy Cook interviews either Sam Liang, John Conley, or Ryan Marston to discuss issues and challenges that matter most to those planning for retirement or who are already retired.

This week, Randy and John handled the radio show and discussed:



The GameStop Saga

The big story over the past two weeks has been GameStop's stock - so, what's going on? You may have heard how a group of online reddit users rallied to send the stock soaring, and people have been cashing out to become millionaires.

You may think "oh, I've missed out on this stock" but are wondering what might be the next stock to pop - but how does this volatility effect the stock markets in general, and your overall retirement plan?  


Which takes us in to our next segment...

Are We In A Bubble?!?

You might hear some of these cable-tv financial talking heads saying that the market is in a bubble right now. And what happens to bubbles? They burst. on CNBC, Jeremy Grantham said: 

"put it this way, when you have reached this level of obvious super enthusiasm, the bubble has always, without exception, broken in the next few months, not a few years. It's always. How do you keep that level of enthusiasm going indefinitely? It can't be done?"

There's always those people out there that are going to say, " We're right on the edge of falling into the pit." And then there's always people say, " Hey, we've got more room to grow..." So which is it? And why is that important to know when you are 5 years, 2 years, or maybe about to head IN to retirement?

The Color of (Your) Money

Randy and Ryan discussed it last week: "There's two things that people want to know. They want to know about the market. They're just scared, they're uncertain about it right now. And then the other thing is the politics." 

How about you? Are you worried with how elections and outcomes affect the economy and the market? John's response:

 "All too often we have people who support a candidate and they think if that candidate is going to win, the market is going to go from here to the moon. And they also look at if the other candidate that they do not support wins, well, everything's going to go down and it's going to be Armageddon up there and it is so bleak. And it's so funny because when you talk to people, we see both sides of the aisle, right? And I tried to explain to them that, " Your money is green, not blue, not red, it's green. And we don't make financial decisions based on your particular candidate, but on fundamentals and what's going on..."


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