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Withdrawing From Retirement Accounts in a Bear Market

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What To Watch Our For When Withdrawing From Retirement Accounts In A Bear Market

In this episode of After The Paycheck, Adam speaks (remotely) with Sam Liang to discuss how the current market volatility may be effecting your retirement accounts - and if you are withdrawing from those accounts (or are about to start withdrawing) what are some concerns you should be aware of (Enter: Sam's definition of sequence of returns risk).

Discussed in this episode:

  •  What is Sequence (of Returns) Risk?
  • Who is likely to be effected by sequence of returns risk?
  • If I am (10 years out from retirement, 5 years from retirement, about to retire, been retired and currently withdrawing), what are my options to help avoid being effected by a market downturn?
  • What are the pros/cons of these options?


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