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10 Mistakes You Might Make In Retirement (Regardless of How Smart You Are)

Jul 18, 2019 9:10:06 AM / by RL Wealth Partners

In this episode of the Just Don't Lose The Money Radio Show, Sam and John discussed 10 mistakes that people might make in retirement (and how you could avoid them.) You'll wan't to listen to the episode to hear what they have to say, but we transcribed the first five mistakes from the show below so you can follow along!

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4 challenges you may face in retirement

May 5, 2019 4:00:00 AM / by RL Wealth Partners

As you near or enter retirement, there may be some challenges you face in the realm of financial stability. In this week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio, John and Ryan discuss four challenges retirees face while retiring in the 21st century. 

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Never Underestimate The "Power of Zero"

Mar 30, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Sam Liang

In this week's post we'll discuss the importance of having products within your mix of your portfolio that you can count on when the market drops.

A bit of backstory - last week I met up and had lunch with Patrick Kelly, best-selling author and the man who wrote the Stress-Free Retirement book - a book that we often lend out to people who come in for a consultation and want to read more on how to help eliminate the common pain-points and hassles on the path to retirement.

We were discussing his new book, but started to go back to a few topics that he discusses in Stress-Free Retirement, and one of those is just how powerful never taking a loss is in building long-term wealth.

Take a moment to consider this hypothetical scenario:

There are two black-jack tables in front of you, and you are trying to choose which one you'd rather be playing:

Table 1 - a traditional blackjack table. You bet $10, and if your hand beats the dealer, you win your $10 back and an additional $10. If the dealer's hand is better than your hand, you lose your $10 bet.

Table 2 - The Power of Zero table. You bet $10, and if your hand beats the dealer, you win your $10 back, but only an additional $5. However, if the dealer's hand is better than your hand, you simply keep your $10 bet and you lose nothing.

Which table would you sit down at?

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