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How To Measure Your Current Portfolio Against Your Retirement Goal

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Measuring Your Current Portfolio Against Your Retirement Goals 

In this episode of After The Paycheck, Adam speaks (remotely) with Ryan Marston to discuss how to measure your retirement goal(s) vs. what your current portfolio looks like.

Before covering this, let's understand the difference between having a retirement ACCOUNT, having retirement GOALS, and then having a retirement PLAN:

  • ACCOUNT  = money. More “matter-of-fact” - there’s nothing much to it other than that. Just a statement of how much you have in there
  • GOAL = what you’d like to be able to DO in retirement (spend more time with the grandkids, travel, golf every day, etc.). How much money will you need in your account(s) to reach your goal?
  • PLAN = A process to help you achieve your retirement goal (what accounts should you withdraw from at a particular time? How aggressive does your portfolio need to be in order to keep up with your retirement goals?)

This leads us to today's topic, measuring your retirement goals against your current portfolio. Ryan explains how to do that using a benchmark analysis:

Benchmark Analysis

  •  What is a benchmark analysis?
  •  Why should I have one done at (whatever age I am from retirement)?
  •  How does one do this? (what are the steps/data involved?)
  •  How often should I do it? 


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