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Unexpected Risks To Your Retirement Plan



What comes to mind when you imagine something wiping out your retirement savings? A personal tragedy? A natural disaster?...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, risk management

Why Your Portfolio Strategy Needs To Be Different Than When You Were Working

What’s your goal, financially speaking, for retirement? Most likely, its to make sure you have enough money to last through...

Tags: Retirement Planning, risk management, after the paycheck,

Thinking You Should Delay Your Retirement Date? Consider This...

A landmark study released in August found that 39% of American workers, some 68 million in all, are changing the timing on...

Tags: Retirement Planning, risk management, 401(k),

4 Ways To Catch Up On Saving For Retirement

Your retirement is known as “the golden years” for a reason.

Traveling, relaxing, spending more time with family and...

Tags: Retirement Planning, 401(k)

5 Financial Planning Challenges In The First 10 Years Of Retirement

Even under normal circumstances, planning for retirement can be stressful. With the chaos that a global pandemic brought into...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning

Are You An Ostrich?

When you realize you might soon be facing an uncomfortable situation, do you tend to "ignore" it, in hopes that things will...

Tags: Insider, Retirement Planning

Should You Participate In Your Employee Stock Purchase Plan?

There’s a reason your employer offers you a benefits package; it’s an incentive for you to stay with the company and a reward...

Tags: tax-deferred accounts, asset management

Knowing The Right Amount To Withdraw From Your Accounts In Retirement

Choosing The Best Distribution Method For You In...

Tax Traps That Can Eat In To Your Retirement Income


The forgotten cost in almost every retiree's retirement withdrawal plan... Uncle Sam's (the government).

A lot of retirees...

Tags: IRA Conversions, social security, taxes,

How To Adjust To Being On A Fixed Income In Retirement

So, you made it to retirement with a decent nest egg to live off of. That’s worth celebrating! Now for the million-dollar...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Annuity, risk management

Types Of Markets And Their Effect On Your Retirement Accounts


Why are there different "markets" discussed in the news,...

Tags: Retirement Planning, market update, 401(k),

Should You Keep That Rental Property In Retirement?

Any investment will always involve both time and money, and this is especially true for rental property owners. Think about...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning, taxes

Navigating Job Loss When Nearing Retirement


In this episode of after the paycheck, John Conley and...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Income Planning,

Are Index Funds Really As Great As Everyone Thinks?

In the fall of 2019, index funds finally surpassed actively managed mutual funds. As of August 31 of last year, $4.27 trillion...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, 401(k)

If you are close to retirement and are looking for ways to beef up your retirement accounts, you have no lack of options for how...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning, 401(k)

Medicare Changes In 2020

Considering recent events, healthcare is on everyone’s mind. While increases in premiums are common for Medicare, 2020 brought...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning

Your Guide To Social Security in 2020

The number of Americans retiring has nearly doubled in the past 20 years with 10,000 people a day reaching age 65.[1] Are you...

Tags: Retirement Planning, social security

What You Need To Know About Recessions And Bear Markets

As global markets continue their roller coaster ride due to fears surrounding the coronavirus, our most recent bull market...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning, risk management,

Why Now Is The Time To Beat Taxes In Retirement

Retirement changed forever in 1978.

That’s the year the 401(k) was invented. Now, over 40 years since, most Americans have...

Tags: 401(k), taxes

What Should You Do About The Coronavirus And Stock Market Volatility?

The financial markets took a big dip early this week over fears about the spreading coronavirus, erasing gains from earlier...

Tags: Retirement Planning, risk management, 401(k)

The True Cost of Withdrawing Early From Your 401(k)

In today’s age there’s little we can all agree on. But one common goal we all share is to enjoy a satisfying retirement....

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Income Planning,

Defining Your Primary Goal In Retirement

Everyone's lifestyle, and everyone's retirement, looks different. Maybe you'd like to retire to some sunny locale outside of...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Income Planning

Average Returns vs. Actual Returns - Understanding The Difference

Investing is all about benchmarks. To understand the success of a given investing strategy, you need to understand the most...

Tags: Retirement Planning, risk management

Is A Roth IRA Conversion Right For Me?

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is an after-tax qualified account that encourages you to save for retirement by allowing...

Tags: Retirement Planning, IRA Conversions

Provide a larger after-tax inheritance to your loved ones

What do you do when you have enough retirement income but also extra pre-tax money growing on the sidelines?

Tags: Estate Mangement Solutions, life insurance, long-term care

What happens to your Social Security benefit if you lose a spouse?

For many American retirees, Social Security is a valuable, and sometimes essential, part of their retirement income. But what...

Tags: Estate Mangement Solutions, social security, life insurance

10 Mistakes You Might Make In Retirement (Regardless of How Smart You Are)

In this episode of the Just Don't Lose The Money Radio Show, Sam and John discussed 10 mistakes that people might make in...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning, risk management

Questions From Our Listeners! (June edition)

This week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio was focused on something we are going to dedicate the first weekend of...

Tags: Retirement Planning, SECURE Act

The SECURE Act & How It May Effect Your Retirement Plans

The House Of Representatives just OVERWHELMINGLY passed the S.E.C.U.R.E. (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement...

Tags: Retirement Planning, market update

5 Pillars Of A Sound Retirement Plan

This week's radio discussed the Five Pillars of a Sound Retirement. Tune in as Sam and Mike discuss them in depth:

Tags: Retirement Planning

4 Important things to keep in mind when planning for retirement

Do you have all the bases covered to pave the way for a happy and secure retirement, or does your plan have a big hole?


Tags: Retirement Planning, Estate Mangement Solutions

4 challenges you may face in retirement

As you near or enter retirement, there may be some challenges you face in the realm of financial stability. In this week's...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning, risk management,

12 Questions From Our Listeners (and Our Answers!)

This week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio was dedicated toward answering questions that listeners submitted...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Estate Mangement Solutions

5 Myths About Your Finances In Retirement, Debunked


This week's episode of Just Don't Lose The Money Radio discussed myths about finances in retirement. Below are five of those...

Tags: Retirement Planning

The Rise of Lump-Sum Buyouts: Should You Consider One?

Last month (March 2019), the Treasury Department quietly announced it no longer intends to amend the required minimum...

Tags: Retirement Planning, pensions

Never Underestimate The

In this week's post we'll discuss the importance of having products within your mix of your portfolio that you can count on...

Tags: Annuities, Income Planning

Market Recap: 4th Quarter 2018 vs 1st Quarter 2019

It was only a few months back when the markets created some unrest in a lot of investors, especially ones approaching...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Asset Protection Planning

Countdown To Retirement Tips (10, 5, and 1 Year From Retirement)

There are three milestones on your way to retirement that we'd like to address in this post, and some action items you might...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Income Planning

Three Types of Investment Accounts & How They May Affect Your Retirement Income

This week’s blog is a homage to a book that we’ve been giving to people who come in for a consultation for years, The Power Of...

Tags: Articles, Retirement Planning, Income Planning

Six Action Items To Help You Prepare For A Solid Retirement

You’ve made it to that magical time in your life – the home stretch to retirement. Whether you have made the decision to work...

Tags: Retirement Planning, Annuities, Asset Protection Planning,


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