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After The Paycheck

An informational & educational website that explores a wide range of topics aimed at helping people to and through their retirement.

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Risk Tolerance Vs. Risk Capacity: How Psychology Can Ruin Your Retirement Plan

In the realm of investing and retirement planning, two crucial ideas are frequently interchanged,...

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How A Tax Planning Strategy Today Could Help Maximize Income In Retirement

When over 250 recent retirees were asked, in terms of expenses, what the biggest surprise was in...

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The Best Method To Withdraw From Your Accounts In Retirement?

Have you considered these factors to understand how much you'll need in retirement:

How long will...

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Are You Poised To Lose A Popular Tax Deduction In 2024?

Currently, those who are age 50 and older can make catch-up contributions in their 401(k) accounts...

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4 New Tax Proposals That Could Shake Your Retirement Plan

Several of the suggested proposals in Biden’s tax plan could significantly affect retirees and how...

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Old 401k Options & The Pros/Cons Of Each

When you change employers or enter retirement, you likely have four choices of what to do with your...

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The Role Dividend Paying Stocks Play In Your Retirement Portfolio

The notion of using dividends in retirement, either as a way to complement other financial assets,...

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Creating A Retirement Income Drawdown Strategy

Starting your social security withdrawals before full retirement age could result in THOUSANDS of...

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Myths of Conventional Financial Wisdom

Financial rules of thumb are useful to many people who can’t or won’t make time for complete and...

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3 Unexpected Challenges You May Face Heading Into Retirement

You may have heard this before, but if you think your retirement situation will be similar to that...

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Should Bonds Still Have A Role In Your Retirement Plan?

With interest rates so low, is there still a role for bonds in today’s retirement portfolio?...

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Healthcare Options In Retirement

One of the major considerations you'll need to take into account in retirement is figuring out your...

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You’ve Inherited Money, Now What Should You Do?

If you’ve recently inherited money, you might be feeling a lot of emotions. Losing a loved one is...

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